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[You still haven’t disconnected, so I heard all that… And don’t worry, I stashed the tracker under a garbage bin, and nobody knows Blues’ operating frequency except Light, who’s dead, and me. Not only that, but Wily’s entire network is down, my sensors can attest to that. The loyalists are likely preoccupied working on that.]

Terri wasn’t aware of the other conversation going on, so began her own explanation…that was very similar.

They don’t have the same lockdown on signals here, so it’s fine. Besides, the tracer’s long gone…I still feel like a bloody idiot, but…I’m certain of it. And even if there’s a chance that they find us here, then I have a bug out route planned.

Blues nodded. Right… so you have it all taken care of. Good to hear… still, goddammit I wish we could trust more people.

That’s not going to happen. She said simply.

She knew for certain that if the ‘bots of this world were anything like her own, they would have quickly stomped out any sign of a rebel faction. The few that claimed to be rebels were really just bait for the more naive rebels.

She wondered if she should remind them that she herself was a loyalist to her own Dr. Wily in another world. She wondered if Blues could read her thoughts as well as her transmissions. If they were on the same frequency, it would make sense.

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